Truly Fascinating & Valuable to Any Business!

Adela Garcia, Brand Strategist, Spectrum Science

I was honestly blown away by Megan's passion for neuroscience, or the science behind how people make decisions. This course is not just insightful, but refreshing. There are lots of books or webinars out there on this topic, but the way Megan was able to digest the data and create her Brain-Friendly Branding Model is just breath-taking because it is EASY to understand and APPLY to your business. You will be armed by the tools to start making exponential changes to your brand and will for sure feel like me - ready to start doing business with Megan Kent!

An "Aha" Primer in Branding

Molly Geremia, Founder, Boneyard Belts

This course helped me to hone in on all of the branding and marketing strategies that I've known deep in my subconscious that I now need to make tangible to bring my start-up belt company to life! Megan's course is very instinctive and entertaining at the same time, and we get to benefit off her decades-long career in branding and advertising condensed down into an easy-to-watch course.

Two Thumbs Up!

Kate Chase, Creative Content Provider, Kate Chase Presents

Megan knows her stuff! Grateful to have been the beneficiary of all her years and brainwork. Thank you.

This was SO valuable.

Stacy Uria, Pilates Coach

I found this approach to be so helpful. I have a small online business that I want to grow and Megan has given me so many ideas and SO much inspiration. I loved her stories about her past and how she interprets people's branding choices. Fascinating! Thank you Megan!

Do this now, folks!

Chris Perkins, General Manager, Berstein-Reis Advertising

From the innate to the overt, Kent takes you on a clear and actionable journey explaining how to set your brand up to be brain friendly. Do it and watch your brain explode with joy, and your customers too!

Brilliant in Its Simplicity.

Lana Panino, Executive Producer

Megan, your course is brilliantly simple. Everyone - no matter the age, education, or where they are in their career can benefit. Thank you for reminding us that we're all driven by core human instincts and that making people feel good is what matters most of all.

Entertaining, Educational, and Motivational

Frank King, TEDx Coach and 5-time TEDx Speaker

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Megan's energy for the topic is infectious. Would highly recommend it. Lots of actionable advice.

Great Class, Definitely Worth the Time!

Elvin Charleston, Senior Manager, Walmart Global Tech

Anyone that's serious about their business should take the time to listen and learn. Megan definitely knows how to present and evangelize her craft - she's one of a kind!

Great Course.

Asia Mustafa, Marketing Professional

Megan Kent did a great job. She definitely knows how to keep my attention, and has answered all my questions. I've gained so much knowledge after watching this course. I would recommend to my friends and family.

So Fun to Watch!

Chris Johnson, Freelance Brand Strategist

You're fun to watch because you have this animated style that makes the narrative ebb and flow and gives lots of texture to it. The stories are very alive and the viewer is just wanting more and more of them.

Brain-Friendly Branding®

with Megan Kent

  • 1


    • Chapter 0: A Brief Intro

    • Chapter 1: Lollipops in Spain to Madison Avenue

    • Chapter 2: Working With Advertising Industry Luminaries

    • Chapter 3: Where The Ad Industry Went Wrong

    • Chapter 4: A New Paradigm - the Brain Science Basics

    • Chapter 5: How Are The Fastest Growing Brands Doing It?

    • Chapter 6: The Birth of Brain-Friendly Branding®

    • Chapter 7: What Exactly Is Branding Anyway?

    • Chapter 8: The 7 Brain-Friendly Branding® Drivers

  • 2


    • Chapter 9: Tap Your Authenticity

    • Chapter 10: Tell Your Stories

    • Chapter 11: Satisfy Consistently

  • 3


    • Chapter 12: Speak Visually

    • Chapter 13: Engage the Senses

    • Chapter 14: Show Novelty

  • 4


    • Chapter 15: Create Community (Part 1)

    • Chapter 16: Create Community (Part 2)

  • 5


    • Chapter 17: In Summary